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LA Care Provider: Eligibility & Diagnoses
Who Is Eligible? And What are Some Common Home Health Diagnoses

Many patients can benefit Home Health Care for its comfort, independence and one on one professional service. A patient can receive these services through her/his insurance.
  • The patient is homebound and has difficulty or needs assistance to leave home
  • The service is prescribed by the patient's physician and is medically necessary.
  • A nursing or therapy service is part of the treatment plan.

Common diagnoses can include but are not limited to:

Alzheimer, Angina, Autism, Burns, CAD, Cancer, Congestive Health Failure, Chronic Airway Obstruction, CVA, Diabetes, Dysphagia, Depression, Dementia, Hypertension, Hospice, Incontinence, Mental Retardation, Neurogenic Bladder, Osteoarthritis, Ortho - Total knee / hip, PVD, Post Surgical, Osteoporosis, Stroke, Ulcers / open wounds, and etc.


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